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The Toddler Club is a louder and bigger sibling of The Baby Club!
For 18 month to 3 year olds and their grown-ups.

Benjee Bear and Bailee Bear join in the fun, as we explore together new energetic songs, interactive storytimes, play ideas and different calming techniques!

Meet the Characters

The Toddler Twins love stories, playing, singing and dancing!

Banjee Bear

Benjee Bear

Baille Bear

Bailee Bear

The Toddler Club At Home

‘The Toddler Club At Home’ offers parents and toddlers the chance to join in with games, interactive storytelling, singing and dancing. It’s packed with ideas you and your toddler can try at home together, to encourage their development in a number of ways.

Giovanna and Nigel are joined by brand-new toddler bear characters Benji and Bailee as well as many toddlers and grown-ups, showing what they’ve been up to at home!

The Toddler Club At Home
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