Daily routines, like getting dressed, can be a great opportunity to help your little one learn and develop – and for you to have fun together!

Chatting to your baby about what you’re doing and what will happen next, helps them to feel safe and become familiar with the order of their day.

As your little one gets older, they’ll begin to understand the language you’re using, and be able to tell you what comes next – which helps to boost their independence!  

Here are three easy ways to play and learn with your baby, as you get them dressed:

1. Sing Songs!

You don't have to be the world's best singer – your baby won't mind!  

You could make up a song about what you’re doing, during the many nappy or outfit changes, as you ‘lift up their legs’ or ‘look for a wipe’. Or you could simply just hum a tune.  

During face-to-face time like this, you could also name different body parts as you sing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes or The Baby Club’s Action Song! Try touching your baby’s hands or toes as you say the words ‘hands’ or ‘toes’. The more you name body parts, the quicker your little one will recognise the words for them, and be able to join in with song actions, like ‘clap your hands’.

Not only do songs help babies learn new words and actions, but they also make everyday activities more fun for you both!

2. Explore Early Maths!

Counting is a great start, but there’s much more to maths than just numbers.

Encourage your baby to have a kick and wriggle around as you get them changed. Even though it may take a little longer to get the job done, it’s really beneficial for your baby to explore the space around them.

As your little one learns to reach out and grab what they can see or feel, they’re developing their spatial awareness, as well as strengthening their muscles and coordination.

You could also begin to introduce maths language and talk about the size of things, as they have a stretch and a play. Like their little toes, and their big smiles!

3. Colourful Chats!

Getting dressed is also a great chance to chat about colours, textures and patterns. Try to introduce new descriptive words on a regular basis, like ‘fluffy’ or ‘shiny’, as this will help to build your little one’s vocabulary.

You could play and learn with clothes even more, after getting dressed, by sorting the washing together. Chat about items that are stripey or spotty, red or blue, or who the different items of clothing belong to. Older babies may even be able to help you match up pairs of socks!

Household jobs might take longer to do with your little one, but they’re fun ways to boost language development. Remember to stay with your baby during activities like this, to make sure they’re safe and happy!

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